Friday, October 13, 2006

Sion Simon

Monty flags up an interesting interview with Sion Simon about his 'satire' of webcameron.

He filled this Sky interview with repeated terms like"self evidently" clearly designed to avoid any need to engage his, hardly overworked but unfit for purpose, brain in the challenge of rational thought. Webcameron is quite an expansive, and clearly expensive, web effort and it does not seem remotely "self evident" that it is not a serious attempt to use the medium. When Sion Simon says "self evident" what he actually means is that he has no ability to independently reason but has decided that he dislikes Tories so all they do must, "self evidently", be bad.

It was as if someone had accussed him of being illiterate and he was trying to respond with some big words he found in the dictionary; "egregious". Also, his reaction to the argument that a sketch with his David Cameron-alike pimping his wife was a little distasteful and crude had all the hallmarks of a man who had prepared his stupid answer in advance. He got angry and asked the interviewer to "let [him] finish" repeatedly when she wasn't being remotely overbearing. This anger was supposed to be because he was about to explain his position but, when given the chance, he didn't explain anything but instead just stated his position and then attacked his critics with a lame ad hominem.

The original video is just not funny. Its the cringeworthy effort of a limited imagination.

This man is clearly an utter tit. These people are imposed on the British people by the Labour party in disturbing numbers. What kind of selection procedure could allow such a man, and others like him, through to sit in Parliament?

I suspect he came from student politics. I certainly met enough people of such limited faculties on the student left. Thanks to their majority status at university, where a lot of people first start to think seriously about politics, they can avoid opposing viewpoints and the idiots are never exposed in debate. They never have the trial by fire right wingers face from constantly having to engage with our opponents. This leaves us accustomed to thinking about our beliefs and defending them with more persuasive rhetoric than repeating "self evident" and "egregious" till the person you are talking to gives up.

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Gracchi said...

Sion Simon is an impossibly huge idiot. I remember reading his columns in the Spectator in the 90s and he was pathetically unobservant and uninterested in anything but strategy- no interest in policy.