Monday, October 02, 2006

The Next UN Secretary General

Alykhan Velshi has an excellent article in the New English Review about the race for UN Secretary General. The current favourite, a South Korean candidate, is the candidate of the UN's venal status quo. The Sunday Times article on Kofi Annan this week was a brilliant summing up of the horrible costs of the status quo's corruption and lack of moral fibre. While it calls for some kind of accountability and change Alykhan's plan of action is clearer. His conclusion is that the US should veto Ban-Ki Moon's nomination as Secretary General. However, this is one situation in which Britain has exactly the same power and influence as the US; we have our own veto. Why don't we use it?

This would be a good way for Cameron to turn his rhetoric on improving the international response to crises such as Darfur and Rwanda, where the current UN bureaucracy have so thoroughly failed, into action. As such, it would be a fine initiative for the Conservatives to push for and a great way for Britain to make a difference on the international stage.

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