Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dave the Chameleon was 'too sophisticated'

According to a BBC report, Margaret Hodge has apparently told a fringe meeting at the Labour conference that "Mondeo Man and Worcester Woman did not understand what we thought [Cameron] was about" and that the message of the Dave the Chameleon ads was too sophisticated for Barking voters.

If I was from Barking I'd be throwing my laptop at the wall right now in rage.

I consider myself sophisticated; I'm intellectually engaged and have been through a rather expensive tertiary education. I can see no message more sophisticated in the Dave the Chameleon ads than "he says different things at different times and in different places and is quite posh". I'm pretty certain even the most troglodyte Barking resident could have worked it out.

The problem wasn't that it was too sophisticated. Rather, it was that it was entirely negative suggesting the party had nothing positive to say about its own programme, tried to revive a dead class war which no one enjoyed, had a very likeable little character as its chief villain and was chronically patronising.

Her proposal is that Labour needs to choose a line of attack on Cameron quickly to avoid getting their wires crossed. If they choose in a hurry and understand how these things play in the country as well as Margaret Hodge does it should be plain sailing for Dave.


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