Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Safety Elephant fails to keep us Safe

Charles Clarke is currently trying to separate himself from the utter mess that is allowing hundreds of foreign nationals who should have been considered for deportation to remain in the UK after completing their sentences. Even after this problem coming to light there is mounting evidence that the response has been slow enough to allow hundreds more after the Home Office was aware of the problem. All this makes the concerns over reducing compensation to victims of mistakes by the Home Office even more salient. Is this a department we want to give immunity to compensation claims?

Iain Dale doesn't explain his mystifying personal attachment to a Home Secretary who has spent his time restricting civil liberties, freedom of speech and is now failing to fulfill his basic duties of administration but still comes to the correct conclusion; Charles Clarke should clearly resign.


Anonymous said...

The word is CONSIDERED. Out of the 1,000 cases only 15% were serious enough to warrant the trial judge recommending deportation and the number of murderers/rapists/paedophiles were less than 20. Let's see this for what it is - the Conservatives trying to score cheap political points playing the anti-immigration card.

I think David Cameron should come clean and admit that this 'New Conservatives' idea is a scam.

Matthew Sinclair said...

Eh? If they hadn't been considered for deportation we don't know which of them deserved to be deported. Given that most had served terms of over a year there will have been a lot of violent criminals besides the murderer/rapist/paedophile headline numbers.

I don't think this is about immigration at all. It's about whether the public has been put in danger unnecessarily. Pointing out administrative incompetence is hardly outside the opposition's remit.

Even Charles Clarke accepts something has gone horribly wrong here. To pretend the Tories have conjured the problem is naively partisan.