Thursday, March 02, 2006


The Pro-Test organisation is great news; in the face of animal rights lunatics the defence of liberal society requires the silent majority to get a little louder. Animal rights extremists are a danger not just to progress but also to democracy, any movement which opposes them deserves success and support.

Its first protest prompted an absurd attack from the movement which represents the "mainstream" of the animal rights movement and evidently has far less maturity than the schoolboy it is facing off against. Equally the arrogance in their statement at the initially small pro-testing organisation backfired when the next Pro-Test march massively outnumbered them. The BBC was then stupid enough to buy their newfound commitment to an open debate.


The A. said...

I agree with most, except the BBC bit. I think the BBC report is fine, and you do need to show some sort of balance. Their press-release (SPEAK's press release) is a way to do it.

Laurie sounds like a fun guy!

The A. said...

When I say you, I meant one. As in, BBC has to show some balance and hence they got an official statement - which was fortunately a mature one.

alicevans said...

pro-test are very silly people.

i had a chat with their president and asked him why non-human animals were different from humans.
he retorted that the former were incapable of engaging in moral argument. i replied that his so-called conceptual property was neither morally relevant nor was it perfectly correlated with species membership, in that there are many humans incapable of moral reasoning, should we then test on them? he didn't really have an answer.