Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Cartoon crisis rumbles on

The crisis over the Danish cartoons is returning to some kind of dismal norm. Protests continue around the Muslim world, Reuters reports on new protests in Pakistan, while Europe is returning to its default, disinterested, stance. Despite this the crisis is unlikely to end as one more case of "Muslim world sees rioting, burning embassies, mass rage; Europe sees argument about EU budget". While European politics is already moving on there does appear to have been a change in public opinion, certainly in the UK as reported by the Times, towards a new willingness to confront radical Islam. Tolerating lunatics such as the one the Sunday Times uncovered is, thankfully, becoming less and less politically shrewd.

The Economist's coverage on the cartoons was just right. The main point I would add is that the strength of protests lends credence to the need for newspapers to show solidarity in the face of violence.

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